12 Reasons Why Getting Published Worldwide Builds Business

After a decade of global PR success for clients in around the world, Hair Shots 2 The World has seen the benefits of international publication producing big wins for its clients:

1] Recognition

Hairdressing publishers know great work when they see it.   Getting the nod from them tells the world you are at the top of your craft.  Take your place beside the world’s best.

2] Attract Session Opportunities

Use your published collection to prove you have the skills for sessions.  Your published collection shows product companies, photographers and agents that you can work fast and effectively, working to brief with top results.  

3] Wow Your Clients

Referrals! Referrals! Referrals!  Post your digital clippings on social media to ‘wow’ your clients.  They will feel good knowing they come to you and it gives them more reason to talk about you to their friends.  Better still, get them interacting!

4] Recruitment

Make sure apprentices and experienced hairdressers know who you are.  Seeing your collections in trade and consumer hair publications helps attract creative, hard-working and ambitious people who want to feel proud of their workplace.  

5] Use your publications record in award submissions

Creative and business awards often ask about how you’ve promoted and developed your business.  Showing evidence of how you’ve leveraged your high-cost photo shoots by turning them into a marketing/PR tool is always seen as a smart move.  Hair Shots 2 The World Updates and Reports provide such evidence. 

6] Become an Influencer

Use your publication success on social media to help you build your following to become an Influencer. There are increasing financial opportunities for Influencers if thousands look to you for inspiration.

7] Make it a News Story

Traditional media still works. Pitch an article to your local newspaper about your international publication success.   Thousands, if not millions, of hairdressers and clients around the world will have seen your hairdressing.  It’s the kind of story that local and regional newspapers love.  Pitch for an interview with your local community radio station too.  And of course, feature in your own newsletters and websites.   

8] Show off your clippings

Show your media clippings in the salon by displaying your publication results on tablets, screens, or in a hard cover, coffee table book.  Keep the ‘Wow Factor’ going in-salon!

 9] Build salon culture

We’ve seen it happen.  Team members often work harder and more creatively if they know a shoot is coming up and publication is an aim.  Incentives can be set up to either give a team member a shoot or have them assist on the one shoot of the year. 

10] Create A Smokin’ Hot Portfolio

Include a digital portfolio of your international media success in your CV.  A visual portfolio will get notice before a plain text one.  It can lead you to new jobs, session work or other new opportunities.  International publication is a great catalyst for bigger things to come… we’ve seen it happen time and again.

11] Your Launchpad

Use international publication as a launch pad to meet your career or business goals.  This is a tool to build brand strategically, whether you want to be noticed by a product company, become a session stylist or a platform educator.  Maybe you want your salon to have the stamp of being a hair fashion leader or visually reinforce your brand identity on the world stage.  Getting published opens doors.

12] What the Hell?  Do it to Feel Good!

Despite the thrill of the shoot, collections are an all-absorbing luxury that takes creative angst, time, money, blood, sweat and tears.  And maybe you’re disappointed that you didn’t win that award?  It’s a fact that we have more brilliant hairdressers than awards to be given, so claim your kudos now!  Getting published worldwide gives you and your team a sense of accomplishment, feeling of satisfaction and renewed motivation.  Call now, you deserve it!

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