Announcing Cover of the Decade Competition

HS2TW Cover of the Decade

Hair Shots 2 The World will name the Cover of the Decade in celebration of its 10th anniversary. 

“We are thrilled to have scored thousands of pages of published images and 329 covers for Australian, New Zealand and other international clients over the past 10 years,” ownerd founder, Leanne Cutler said. 

“These covers are now being judged by top publishers or hairdressing experts in UK, Europe, Asia, South America, North American and Africa.”

Leanne said that it is no easy task selecting the very best cover with the standard being so high.

“However the judges have purposely been spread around every inhabitable continent to make it a truly global selection.

“We are thrilled to have scored, on average, one to two covers per fortnight over our entire 10 years, which is a great testimony to the quality of hairdressing and photography created by our clients.

"We also thank the hundreds of hairdressers and the shoot teams for their support over this amazing 10 years and wish everyone well during this COVID19 occurence," Leanne said.

Finalists will be first announced on the 10th anniversary on Monday 27th April on Facebook Live.

The Winner will be announced on Wednesday, 20 May 2020.

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