Cover of the Decade winners



Hair Shots 2 The World Cover of the Decade Announced




The winner of the Hair Shots 2 The World Cover of the Decade has been announced in celebration of the PR service’s 10years of service to the hairdressing industry. 


The winner was Craig Smith of Fruition Salon in Brisbane for an image from his 2015 Epoch collection, photographed by Andrew O’Toole. 


“Judges from each continent scrutinised 329 covers by year to see Craig’s quintessential cover image gain the highest score,” Hair Shots 2 The World founder, Leanne Cutler said.


“Their job was to identify a cover that not only held all the qualities of an excellent hair fashion image, but that would also provide strong allure to sell a magazine.”


She said the favoured elements included an accessible and directional hairstyle, strong model, excellent photography and most importantly, the right expression and look in the model’s eyes.


An image from the uber-vibrant Coachella collection by Daniella Barca and Adam Isles of Rokk Ebony, Melbourne came a close second with a stunning side-on image, photographed by Michaela Barca.


“It is unusual for a side shot to be a cover, but the lilac hair colour mixed with a long-hair-with-fringe look on a lime green background just pops,” Leanne said.  “This image certainly attracts attention.


“Congratulations to Craig, Daniella and Adam for winning in an extremely tough competition,” she said. “Both winners will receive a free premium collection release from Hair Shots 2 The World.”