Hair Expo 2016: Day One

By Natalie Durmanic
PR Assistant at Hair Shots 2 The World

Photos L to R: Rokk Man Barbers in action; Jasmine Heckenberg from Sfumato Hair, Tasmania; Jessica Burt from Chumba Concept Salon, Melbourne and Ben Kane from Rokk Man Barbers.

With Hair Expo taking place in Melbourne this year, it meant some of the Hair Shots 2 The World team could attend – and it didn’t disappoint! With hundreds of on-stage presentations and product stalls, we were really spoiled for choice. We saw some amazing new technologies and as always it was great to see so many Hair Shots 2 The World clients in action. 

Here are some of my highlights from Day One:

1. The boys from Rokk Man Barbers showing us how Triumph & Disaster's new Coltrane Clay can help create the perfect hold for your men's cuts.

2. Marie Nieuwoudt from Colour Placement Systems demonstrating how CPS's thermal funnelling system can make colouring your client's hair more effective and speedy.

3. Jasmine Heckenberg from Sfumato Hair showing us how using fabric can provide a different texture to your styling.

4. Scott Condon from rokk ebony giving some great advice on hair fashion photo shoots  like to consult with your models just like your clients!

5. And of course, getting up to date on all things hair and makeup is always a bonus!

All in all, Hair Expo 2016 was a great opportunity to see some of the leaders of our industry in action and gain invaluable tips. We can't wait for next year!