Transition to Adulthood

By Gen Y blogger, Karina Maple

Growing up, growing old, growing wise – it could take some time

Smartphones: Your Not-So Best Friend

By Gen Y blogger, Karina Maple


Passion Coming in From the Sidelines

By Gen Y Blogger, Karina Maple

The Special Delivery No One Wants

By Gen Y writer - Karina Maple   

To quickly borrow a line from Hank Green (, the internet is made of humans.

One-half Real, Other-half Digitized

By Gen Y Writer, Karina Maple

Gen Y Digital Native

Smartphones, technology and social media are like pens. They’re incredibly useful, for work, play, just about anything. We’ve got our hands on them and now we don’t want to give it up.

Mental Illness: We all need a little help, sometimes

By Gen Y writer, Karina Maple

Hair Shots 2 The World : Gen Y - Mental Illness

One of the most popular views on Generation Y is that we are narcissistic – all selfies, vacation pictures and more than a few status updates are not-so-humble brags about our lives and how fun it all is. Which we then judge the value of by how many ‘likes’ it receives.    

The Importance of Being Happy

By Gen Y writer - Karina Maple   

Gen Y Origami

Out of the proverbial horse's mouth - Here's some tips on how to help your Gen Y team members be happy!

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