Terms, privacy & security

Terms and Conditions

1. Hairdressers must provide their own shots (or register a nominated marketing manager/PR consultant to do this for them).

2. Credits must be provided with each shot. This must include the name of the photographer, hairstylist, colourist, stylist, makeup artist and social media handle.

3. Hair Shots 2 The World takes no responsibility for the copyright of the photography submitted. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain photographer and model releases.  As we have no way of confirming this, we act in good faith, on the understanding that these have been obtained.  

4. It is understood that Hair Shots 2 The World distributes hair shots with the sole purpose of having them published as editorial in trade and consumer magazines, websites, social media and magazine apps.  The shots are not distributed for any other purpose.  Publishers are instructed to contact hairdressers directly should such matters arise.

5.  Healthy Body Image Policy - In the interet of presenting healthy models and role models to readers, Hair Shots 2 The World will not accept photographs that present models who appear unhealthily underweight or generally appear unhealthy.  It is expected that models will be no less than 16 years of age and those under 18 years will have parental permission signed on the release forms.

6. Hair Shots 2 The World provides hair photography to publications in good faith and takes no responsibility for the editing or misuse of hair shots.

7. Hair Shots 2 The World reserves the right not to submit or to withhold shots that may offend. Sometimes hair photography exhibits nudity. Please take care with your choice of shots as nudity can be offensive in some cultures. Most magazines reject nudity & violence.

8. Hair Shots 2 The World reserves the right not to accept photography that is not of magazine publication standard. Please contact us first for a free assessment or constructive feedback. If in doubt please compare your shots to the quality of hair shots in trade or consumer magazines.

9. Hair Shots 2 The World will not accept photography that is not relevant to the hairdressing industry.

10. Photography that does not meet the quality criteria will immediately be deleted off the Hair Shots 2 The World system. The salon providing these shots will be notified as a courtesy.

11. Any shots created by a hairdresser for a product company, must be submitted to Hair Shots 2 The World by the product company, in agreement with the hairdresser. Hair Shots 2 The World strongly discourages the release of corporate commercial photography by hairdressers or salons through its service and takes no responsibility for the release of hair shots that have been taken for a product company’s commercial purposes. Special rates apply for corporate collections provide product companies and allied businesses.

12. GUARANTEE We aim to have your shots "selected for consideration" for publication and develop an ongoing relationship with editors to ensure the best opportunities for you. The final decision to publish your hair shots is totally at the discretion of each editor. Hair Shot 2 The World seeks to only promote collections that will be accepted for consideration for publication by any editors, you will not be invoiced.

13. The service will be invoiced as soon as "acceptances for consideration" are made and the high res shots are provided to publishers.  Payment terms: 14 days. Payments by instalment may be arranged, upon request.  In some cases including bulk agreements, an upfront payment is required.     

14. Hair Shots 2 The World will media monitor your collections for up to 18 months from the release date.

15. An ongoing progress report is supplied in your Dropbox folder so that you can access it an any time. 


1. Magazines are notified of your shots by email including low resolution versions of your shots.  Editors are asked not to copy shots from the offer email for electronic publication purposes (including social media) without authorisation by Hair Shots 2 The World. 

2. Your high resolution shots are stored on Dropbox.

3. No responsibility taken the transfer of viruses, in or out, however we do have virus scanning processes in place to check in-coming files.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

1. Hair Shots 2 The World operates under Australia privacy laws, handling your personal information securely and carefully.

2. We collect your details when you register with us online, make payment or leave feedback. This enables us to verify your participation, communicate with you regarding magazine requirements and alert you to any special information and promotions.

3. Your registered details will not be shared with others unless you have provided permission for us to provide publishers with your contact details. You are asked for permission each time that you upload your photos.

4. Hair Shots 2 The World is not responsible for the privacy practices of sites linked to hairshots2theworld.com via hyperlinks, banner advertising or other means. Please take care at all times to check whose site you are visiting.