What clients say about having their hair fashion photos published worldwide...

Frank Apostolopoulos, BIBA, Australia
Having Hair Shots 2 The World seed BIBA's collections to hair magazines around the world is a massive help. It saves the time it would take to prepare the images, find media contacts and send it all out. They do all of this for you and you receive a pile of media clippings in return. Hair Shots 2 The World know the right contacts which is invaluable to getting the job done properly.

Kobi Bokshish, Intershape Hairstylists, Australia
Having a portfolio of international publications has been really helpful in boosting my career as a platform artist. Hair Shots 2 The World has enabled me to showcase my creative hairdressing to the industry, both in Australia and overseas, and importantly to my clients. When I first met the Hair Shots 2 The World team, I had no profile. More than 5 years later, my career has flourished and I am living my dream as an international and national educator.


Steve Corthine, Stevie English Hair, Australia
Hair Shots 2 The World has helped us grow our brand and has taken our imagery to the rest of the world. Because of this, our social media following has grown significantly!
Andre Faiva, Revolution Hairdressing, Australia
I've submitted my previous 2 collections to Leanne and the Hair Shots 2 The World team and I couldn't be happier with the exposure. Along with having your work published across the world (and a few covers), I have found the whole experience seamless and professional. The other bonus has been the exposure and opportunities I have received from different countries and Media where my work has been published. My team at Revolution Hairdressing also get a real buzz and sense of pride when a new magazine with our work in it turns up in the post.
Carole Haddad, Corcorz Hair, Australia
Leanne and her fabulous team at HS2TW have been instrumental in creating brand awareness and showcasing my business to consumers on a global level for many years now.
Sharon Blain, The Art of Hair and Sharon Blain Education
Never before has it been so easy to have your work published internationally. Thanks to Leanne and her amazing company, Hair Shots 2 The World my profile has increased incredibly. If you are seeking brand exposure on a world level this is the company who can make it all happen.
Carl and Belinda Keeley, Chumba Concept Salons
Hair Shots 2 The World has allowed us to share our creative passion with a huge audience. In the process we've become internationally recognised and applauded - who wouldn't want that for their brand? ...
Dani Blakeley, Yoshiko Hair, Australia
Through HS2TW getting our work published in leading magazines around the world has lead to great opportunities for myself and my salon.

Kristy Hodgson and Maria Vaughan, Jarahs Hair, Berri & Loxton, South Australia
We first met Leanne through a competiton she created for regional hairdressers called "Star Spot Opportunity." Since then Leanne has helped open many more doors for us both and our team. We love the way Leanne understands our brand and is always offering advice on what is next for not only the salon but our team members individually. We would highly recommend Hair Shots 2 The World to anyone looking to get their work out there. Our team and our guests love seeing our work published around the world.

Sophie Butson, Jarahs Hair, Berri & Loxton, South Australia
HS2TW has been a huge part of my hairdressing career so far. The Star Spot Opportunity that I won was actually the first competition I entered. As a result, I was lucky enough to go to Brisbane to assist Carole Haddad at the Ekka Natural Fibres Parade. This was the spark that lit the fire to my passion for hairdressing. Leanne then helped me with my first Australian Hair Fashion Awards collection. Never doing something like this before was scary and Leanne made me feel like nothing was impossible and she would be there for whatever I needed. My collection got published on 3 front covers and in 11 magazines. This was a dream come true and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Hair Shots 2 The World. Leanne is a beautiful person and I would recommend her to anyone who loves what they do and wants to show it to the world.


Jean Witte, Synergy Hair Intercoiffure, Cape Town, South Africa
I feel being part of hairshots family has really elevated my career, opened doors and helped me prove that South African hairdressers can be published internationally if they are willing to invest and listen to guidance from those in the know. Leanne, being published on the cover of a European Magazine has been the highlight of my career and cannot thank you enough.

Nadine Johns-Alcock, Australia
Hair Shots 2 The World has given me: a) a sense of belonging to a global community of like-minded creative people. b) a motivational tool for my team c) an excellent marketing tool for retaining clients "My hairdresser has been published ..."

Craig Skeates, Colourist, Australia
I never thought my Guggenheim collection would end up as a cover shot! Then I signed up with Hair Shots 2 the World. I got 2 covers!

Helen Owens, Tigerlamb, Australia
Tigerlamb's first ever international release was published in HJI, Estetica Australia- New Zealand and heaps of other magazines. So now our clients can see that our hairdressing is on par with top salons worldwide. Thanks Hair Shots 2 The World!