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Since 2010, Hair Shots 2 The World has been getting hair fashion collections published in the world's best trade and consumer media.  This gets you kudos for your creative work and we've seen it open many career doors.  Getting published is a great first step to the next part of your career, provides amazing social media content that clients love, strengthens brand and boosts the team amongst other things.  

Hair Shots 2 The World is a convenient, professional service that saves you time and money...

No working after hours on magazine lists! No more putting the jobs aside until later. No more copying to USB, packing them, and paying for postage. No more pressure!


Hairdressers around the world with great collections are invited to enter our new competition.  The prize - Two collections will be chosen and released around the world, with us working on the project for up to 18 months! How good is that? You have until midnight, 31 July Australian AEST time.  Please click here for all the details.

Australian Hairdressers, please note that the Star Competition in partnership with the Australian Hairdressing Council's Youthworks closes on 1 July.  


The benefits

  • Build your international and local fan bases 
  • Use scans of magazine pages on social media
  • Set up a clippings 'brag' book or screen for clients or have us publish one for you
  • Greater exposure to product companies
  • Teams can work more creatively if they know they might be published
  • Get great marketing benefit from your photo shoots
  • Open doors to new career opportunities
  • Be recognised for the amazing work that you do
  • Gain personal satisfaction for years of hard work!

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